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Check out the Reduce Rain Runoff campaign, a collaborative effort with RiverLink to raise awareness about why and how to capture stormwater before it runs off and degrades our streams and rivers.                 

LOSRC has launched a regional stormwater services program to support municipal stormwater management and MS4 permit compliance. See here for the program overview, and contact Mary Roderick for more information. 

The UNC-EFC provided legal, policy, and implementation details about stormwater utilities at the COGWorks session "The Why and How of a Stormwater Utility". View the video and presentation.

DEQ is hosting a series of free webinars to address a variety of stormwater topics. See here for more information, and to watch previous webinars.     


The NC Cooperative Extension has several workshops planned. No local in-person workshops or events are planned at this time. Check out their website for more information.


Western North Carolina's gateway to stormwater information and local programs and regulations.

Clear mountain streams, healthy drinking water, beautiful lakefronts, vibrant fishing runs . . .
Our water resources are one of Western North Carolina's most precious assets.

Excellent water quality is important for our own high quality of life, for the economic benefit of attracting tourism and growth, and for the ecological value of healthy aquatic communities.

Stormwater runoff is our most serious water pollution problem.

Local governments are taking steps to manage stormwater runoff and protect water quality. We need everyone's help. See Daily Decisions for things you can do at home to protect water quality, and make sure to report illegal discharges and dumping.