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Cleaning up spills with a spill kit is safer and more effective.  Having spill kit(s) at your business can save money by avoiding clean up costs. Even a 5-gallon oil spill that gets into a storm drain could cost thousands of dollars to clean up. A spill kit is a collection of supplies used to clean up a spill or leak.

These steps can help you avoid and manage spills:

  • Inventory your business to know where liquids are stored, handled, delivered and disposed of at your site. Locate all drains and determine if they lead to sanitary sewer or storm drains.
  • Identify opportunities to secure liquids at each location to prevent accidental spills.
  • Develop a plan to know how to clean up spills safely, train employees on spill kit use.
  • Locate spill kits near liquids for easy access.
  • Spill kits should be fully stocked and ready for use.


Keep a spill kit ready and train staff to use it. Source: UNC Institute for the Environment.